Welcome to The Spring Children’s and Transitional Care

The Spring Children’s and Transitional Care is an independent provider of specialist residential services for children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions and with moderate to severe learning disabilities.
Our thought-through therapeutic informed services are designed to cater for children and young people in need of genuine warmth, dependability, a structured nurturing environment, time to rebuild and positive refocus.  We provide a stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from any forms of prejudice.

Children and Young People Services

Our Aim

To provide as near a family experience as is possible, outward facing working with the wider system of professionals for each child, with their respective families and communities of origin, sustaining links and gaining an appreciation and understanding of their past.



Our services are child-centred, person-centred adaptable and innovatively designed.

We endeavour to meet each child/young person’s individual needs in a flexible and responsive way with protection being paramount. We aspire to offer a therapeutic informed service that develops a positive sense of self-image in our children and young people in a safe and stimulating high quality environment, with privacy as well as common spaces and spaces to be active.


Turning Children’s Lives Around

At The Spring Children’s and Transitional Care, we provide services that enable children overcome difficulties with communication, learning and life skills.  We believe with the right care, dedicated support and needs-led therapeutic interventions; children and young people can achieve their full potential. Through our strategic partnership, we provide a therapeutic intervention approach that offers children and young people the opportunity to develop, to be listened to and to express their wishes, needs and feelings.



We provide high quality residential care, with high expectations from multi-skilled, qualified and highly trained staff, building positive relationships, valuing and nurturing each child/young person as an individual with talents, strengths and capabilities. We work in partnership with the children/young people, professionals and wider community to achieve the best possible outcomes for children in our care. We ensure effective assessment, review and recording systems are maintained and mirror best practice.



Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer a variety of educational ‘Outreach’ options for vulnerable learners in our care and those unable to access full time education for whatever reason. Our in-house educational arrangements enables children to take part in and benefit from a variety of activities that meet their needs and develop and reflect their creative, intellectual, physical and social interests and skills


Assessment Framework

A fundamental principle of The Spring Children’s and Transitional Care is to provide a comprehensive assessment prior to and during early stages of placement refining and clarifying the needs of each child. This assessment is reviewed regularly and updated as further needs become apparent